About TCU

TCU Headquarters: 3 Research Place, Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone #: (301) 948-4910
National President: Arthur P. Maratea
National Secretary-Treasurer is Stanley L. Boyd

The Transportation Communications Union/IAM represents approximately 35,000 members in the U.S., most employed in the railroad industry. In 2012, TCU affiliated with the IAM.

Individually we are people from many different backgrounds, doing many different jobs. We are clerks, carmen, auto technicians, computer programmers, skycaps and redcaps, on-board service workers, secretaries, supervisors, government workers, truck drivers, accountants, yardmasters, inter-modal workers, police officers, reservations agents, transit workers and more.

Together we form a diverse alliance. However different we are as individuals, we share some hopes in common. We want what most people want from life — a good job with good pay and benefits. Respect. Dignity. Peace. Prosperity.  That’s what TCU is all about. Working together through the Union we know we can achieve our common objectives more effectively.  TCU members set the pace and direction of all the Union’s activities. And the Union’s strength will always be in direct proportion to the degree of participation by its members.

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