President Maratea Continues to hit the road Meeting with Clerks and Carmen on Amtrak, BNSF, TTX, Indiana Harbor Belt and South Shore Freight Members.


TCU National President Maratea, National Secretary-Treasurer Stan Boyd, National Vice-President and Special assistant to the President Matt Hollis, BRC General President Don Grissom, BRC General Vice-President Darren Treiber and TCU National Vice-President Greg Kocialski visited members working on the job at locations in the Seattle Washington and Chicago areas.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic TCU members across the country have been working on the front lines, keeping the traveling public safe and making sure the country’s economy keeps moving. President Maratea praised them for their dedication. “I want to thank each member that worked so hard through the pandemic, I know the work was grueling but you all worked hard to get us through that and I am so proud of everyone.”

The recent Amtrak contract was discussed with the members and questions were answered on many topics.

The Carmen National Agreement and the recent addition of additional paid sick days  were discussed. Local issues were discussed along with ideas and feedback for the improved representation of the members. The Chicago area showed a need for information on Railroad Retirement and an upcoming seminar will be held in November too provide members with access to the most current updates related to Railroad Retirement.

President Maratea said: “I enjoy meeting our members on the job, I am so proud of the work they do every day. It is critical for me to see for myself what our members do and what they deal with on the property.”

President Maratea continues to meet with members across the country.

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