TCU BRC Members Ratify Agreement on Fruit Growers Express (FGE)

Fruit Growers Express (FGE) Carmen ratified their tentative agreement by 89%.  The Contract Supervisors ratified their tentative agreement by 100%.  This contract delivers the same historic compensation increases that Presidential Emergency Board 250 provided in the National Agreement.  The historic National Agreement was achieved by National President, Artie Maratea, and the TCU Negotiating Committee, which set the foundation for this historic agreement on FGE, which was negotiated by National Representative, Jason Cox.  This was the largest wage increase in the history of FGE. 

Carmen General President, Donald Grissom, states, “With this historic agreement our members will receive several thousand dollars in back pay and more in increased wages.  The healthcare will remain at the Platinum Level, with the monthly cost fixed at 15% of the plan cost throughout the life of the agreement.  In addition, every member will receive an additional day of paid leave.  Also, the work rules have been protected – NO changes.”