TCU/IAM Reaches Tentative Agreement for Workers at Walt Disney World

Today the Services Trades Council Union (STCU) reached a historic tentative agreement with Walt Disney World.  Under the terms of the agreement minimum hourly rates will increase to $16 effective 10/1/2022 with full back pay for all eligible Cast Members.   Minimum hourly rates will increase to $17.00 upon ratification and will increase to $18.00 this December.   All current Cast Members will receive a minimum increase of $5.50 over the term of this agreement.  In addition to significant general wage increases this agreement also provides additional increases to certain job classifications and offers increases to many hourly premiums.   The agreement also provides eight (8) weeks of paid Child Bonding Leave which is a benefit that does not exist in the current contract. 

“Securing an $18.00 minimum hourly rate this year, increasing the overall economic value Disney’s original offer and ensuring our members receive the back pay they are entitled too are the priorities we were determined to continue to fight for.  Today, we won that fight!” Said Matt Hollis, TCU National Vice President and STCU President.   

“I am very proud to see this agreement finally come together.  I want to say a special thank you to National Representative Staci Bowermeister-Shkoler, National Field Representative Will White and 1908 Division Chairman TJ Norwood for all their hard work.  I am confident our members will recognize the significant value of this agreement and support this contract,” said TCU National President Maratea.

TCU/IAM is a part of the Services Trades Council Union and represents approximately 5,000 workers at Walt Disney World in Florida Each of the six (6) STCU affiliates are unanimous in their support for this agreement and will be recommending their members vote to ratify the agreement.  The STCU is scheduling a ratification vote to take place on March 29, 2023 from 7:00am – 7:00pm and will announce the results of the vote at that time.