TCU Local Chairs Attend The First Michele Reese Memorial TCU/IAM Local Chair Leadership Training at the IAM Winpisinger Center

This week TCU Local Chairpersons from across the country participated in TCU/IAM Local Chair Leadership Training.

These classes are held annually at the William W. Winpisinger Center in Southern Maryland and is designed to provide newly elected Local Chairs with a full week of hands-on, in-depth training on a variety of important topics.  Participants gain valuable instruction on grievance writing, disciplinary hearing preparation and various other issues commonly faced by Local Chairs.  In addition to the instructional sessions, participants heard full presentations from the TCU/IAM Legislative, Constitution & Laws, Legal and Organizing Departments.  The week concludes with a mock hearing for participants to put into practice some of the skills they have learned during the week.

National President Maratea has named this training class “The Michele Reese Memorial TCU/IAM Local Chair Leadership Training”.  This is to honor the memory and to recognize the tremendous contributions made by TCU/IAM’s Director of Industry Relations Michele Reese, who recently passed away following her battle with Cancer.

The Local Chairmen that attended the class were eager to learn and many gave very positive feedback. The classes were also attended by members of the TCU Executive Council and the Carmen Division Executive Board.

“Training our local reps is one of the primary goals I have as President of TCU,” said TCU President Artie Maratea. “Michele Reese was such a special person and her work contributed so much to the members of TCU/IAM.  Having this training named in her honor is a very appropriate token of our appreciation for her tireless work.   I am so proud of the Local Chairs that attended this training. They worked hard all week and I am confident they will come away with tools and ideas that will continue to help them represent our membership.”