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Court Backs Labor on FMLA Leave February 28, 2007—In what TCU legal experts call a “major victory,” the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the position of rail labor that where a collective bargaining agreement grants employees the right to determine when or how they use paid vacations or personal leave, those provisions prevent

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Metro-North Contract Ratified in April 2007

April 23, 2007—International President Bob Scardelletti announced today that TCU members at Metro-North Railroad have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new agreement that is “positive and progressive” and “a testament to the unity of the membership and to the labor coalition that persevered through four long years of difficult bargaining.”  That coalition of unions, the

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Handling Grievances

These articles contain an in-depth analysis of one of the many grievance issues that face TCU Local and District Chairpersons.  They are separated into two major categories that cover nearly all local representation issues: 1) interpretation and enforcement of work rules, and 2) discipline. Rules Interpretation and Enforcement • Grievance Handling — The Importance of the Three

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