A New Campaign Puts a Face on the Employee Free Choice Act

Allies EFCAAmerican Rights at Work has begun a new campaign to show how the Employee Free Choice Act will help everyone. This new goal is to put a face on who needs the right to freely form a union and how helpful that right will be. Many people have spoken up in support and their voices will also be heard.

The campaign features:
• Advertising.
• Building banners that will be displayed throughout Washington, DC.
• Billboard trucks driving around legislators’ home state offices during the April congressional recess.
• Leafleting, call-in days, rallies and other grassroots action in lawmakers’ home states.
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Worker Flag All around the globe labor laws and practices allow workers to form unions and negotiate with employers. In the U.S. workers run into aggressive and intimidating anti-union campaigns designed to discourage unions and the results a union can obtain.

This is why we need the Employee Free Choice Act now more than ever.

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Now is the time. Corporate America is in an absolute anti-worker, anti-union frenzy about the prospects of the Employee Free Choice Act. And corporate front groups are spending millions- spewing lies and distortions to block workers’ freedom to form unions and bargain for a better life.

Your help is needed now to counter their ads with truth. Free Choice

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The Employee Free Choice Act is being strongly contested with a massive $200 million ad campaign by corporate sponsors. The lies and misinformation must be countered and the labor movement is on the front lines of this fight.

Click here  to download information and talking points to be used to spread the real message of the act.
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With corporate America acting so strongly, labor cannot sit quietly on the sidelines. Please make copies of this material and spread the real information. American workers want an economy that works. The labor movement is staying on offense to make sure the corporate campaign of misinformation doesn’t spread. That’s where you come in. Check out these two new television ads that star you—America’s workers. Then help the labor movement keep ads like this on the air.

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