The following news articles have great relevance to the current situation at Amtrak. This page will continue to be updated with the important articles that effect Amtrak and the TCU members working for Amtrak.

Democrats Hope Amtrak Ridership Record Stalls Rail Privatization Efforts – CQ Quarterly October 2011
House Committees 2012 Budget Would End Most Amtrak Service TCU Release
House Spending Bill Would Gut Amtrak
– TCU Release
Two Different Worlds: Republicans Versus Democrats on Amtrak’s Future – TCU Release
Mica Transit Bill Would Slash Much Needed Funding – TCU Release
TCU President Bob Scardelletti Testifies Before the Surface Transportation Board “RAIL COMPETITION” Hearing
Amtrak Members’ Cost Sharing Amount for Health & Welfare Announced
– TCU Release July 1, 2011
Amtrak sues trucking company over fatal Northern Nevada crash – Las Vegas Sun
DOT Announces $562.9 Million AMTRAK Loan for 70 Locomotives to Run on Northeast Corridor – US DOT
Amtrak Receives $562.9 Million RRIF Loan – Amtrak
Dems Pound Rail Privatization Plan
– D.C. Streets Blog
Republican Plan to Abolish Amtrak ‘Death Knell’ for Passenger Rail Service in America –  Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV)
Testimony Before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure –  TTD President Ed Wytkind
Fight Back for Amtrak – New Jersey AFL-CIO
Amtrak Privatization Letter to Congress – BMWED President Simpson
Amtrak Privatization Letter to Congress – Teamsters President Hoffa
Amtrak Privatization Plan is Short-Sighted: We Should Invest In Amtrak – Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV)
Serious Flaws in Passenger Rail Privatization Plan – National Association of Railroad Passengers CEO Ross Capon
Democrats Take Constitutional Tract to Oppose Amtrak Bill – Congressional Quarterly
Another GOP Attempt to Defund the Northeast Corridor – Tri-State Transportation Campaign Blog
House Republicans Want Amtrak out of Northeast Corridor – AP
Under House Bill Northeast Would No Longer be Run by Amtrak – Congressional Quarterly
Privatization Will Doom National Amtrak Service – TTD President Ed Wytkind
Amtrak Pursues Private Investment – Amtrak
Efforts to Privatize Amtrak Must be Rejected –  TTD President Ed Wytkind