TCU Sends Letter to US House Members – Oppose the Continuing Resolution that will Cut Hundreds of Thousands of Transportation Jobs

TCU President Bob Scardelletti sent a letter to each member of the House of Representatives urging them to oppose the Continuing Resolution (CR) which is expected to be considered this week. The CR will cause cuts that will have a deep impact on TCU members working in the Railroad Industry.

These cuts will undermine passenger services and jeopardize safety. Amtrak, high-speed rail and commuter service are collectively targeted for almost $9 billion in cuts, which will kill thousands of jobs and eliminate passenger service that is vital to communities across the nation. The CR also slashes $50 million from Railroad Safety Technology Grants, a national program to help implement safety measures, including Positive Train Control (PTC) anti-collision technology which has the potential to prevent fatal freight and passenger rail accidents.

In the letter Bob Scardelletti said, ”We must continue to invest in the future of America. This is not the time to rob Americans of the ability to travel throughout this country efficiently and safely with less demand on our natural fuels. I respectfully urge that you oppose the CR and instead consider these views and concerns and protect the rights of working transportation workers.”

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