Statement by TCU President Scardelletti on President Obama’s Election Victory

Working Americans have cause to celebrate. Thanks in large part to the volunteer efforts of union members throughout this country, President Obama has been reelected, and pro-union Senators like Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, and Sherrod Brown in Ohio have emerged victorious.

TCU played its part. We wrote each of you about the enormous stakes facing all TCU members in this election, but in particular railroad members: the survival of Amtrak and the preservation of railroad retirement chief among them. The response of our members was overwhelmingly positive. You volunteered in the battleground states, you registered voters, you got out the vote, and, most importantly, you voted decisively for pro-union candidates.

We heard from a handful of members who objected to our efforts. I respect their opinions. But as I explained to each of them, we endorsed candidates using one criterion only — where did they stand on issues affecting our members’ jobs.

And while we are elated about the outcome, we full well understand the challenges ahead. We will continue to advocate proudly and forcefully for the issues that impact all of our members. Thankfully we will have a President and many in Congress who will listen to us.

Click here to read the TCU release sent to the AFL-CIO.