Tell Your Representative to Support Real Health Care Reform

Achieving meaningful health care reform will not be easy, but now there is some exciting news to share. Three committees in the House of Representatives just released a draft proposal that provides a quality public health insurance option, calls on employers to pay their fair share and doesn’t ask workers to pay more for what they already have. TCU is adamantly opposed to any plan that would tax our health care benefits. Benefits, that TCU has spent a lifetime to achieve.

This is a strong reform proposal that meets the goals TCU hopes for; to control runaway health care costs, offer the American people real choices and expand access to quality health care.

This proposal is just a small step in the long road to real health care reform, but as part of the reform process, it’s critical that your representatives in Washington hear from you now in support of this proposal.

Click here and to tell your representative to support real health care reform and not tax our benefits.

Posted July 10, 2009