TCU/ARASA Wins Historic Award

TCU/ARASA Amtrak On-Board Supervisors recently won a historic victory, when Arbitrator Edwin Benn ruled that Amtrak violated their collective bargaining agreement by creating management jobs to perform the work of abolished ARASA On-Board Chief positions.

As a result of the award, the Carrier returned the disputed work to ARASA and created 19 new ARASA positions to perform the work Amtrak had assigned to Customer Service Managers. In addition a monetary remedy of approximately $500,000 was paid by Amtrak to 22 TCU/ARASA members.   ARASA General Chairman Kris Stark stated, “The jobs have been advertised and awarded and we welcome back our 19 members.  They bring their expertise and capability back to our craft and class.  But even more than that, a clear message has been sent that attacks on our agreement will not be tolerated.”

The claim was prepared for arbitration and argued by TCU Industry Relations Executive Director Debbie Horrell, Assistant International Representative Gary Campbell and International Representative Joe Derillo.

“This victory would not have been possible without the full support of International President Bob Scardelletti and International Vice President Joel Parker,” says International Representative Joe Derillo, “and the continuing efforts of Lodge 5093 General Chairman Kris Stark and former General Chairman Larry Vollten who followed the case through to the end.”

“While the monetary award is significant, the true benefit lies in the preservation of our work and the restoration of 19 positions to the ARASA Agreement,” says President Scardelletti.  

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