Bob Godwin

William Robert Godwin, known throughout his 89 years as Bob, died on March 9, 2006 at his home in Ogden, Utah.  He was a member of the union at the time of his death, with 65 years of membership since signing on in 1941.
Underscoring his years of support for the union, his wife, Jack, sent a contribution in his memory to MNPL.  Born October 11, 1916, Bob Godwin grew up in Indiana where he graduated from Princeton High School in 1935.  Three years later he married his wife, Jack O’Neil, and in 1941 the couple moved to Nevada where he started his rail career as a telegrapher for the Southern Pacific Railroad.  In 1960 he became third trick wirechief for SP in Ogden.  After more than 40 years of railroading, Godwin retired in 1982.  He is survived by his wife; two daughters, Nevada Rae Karadeema and Toni Lee Ricketts; one son, W. Robert Godwin; nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.