Local 938 Members Welcome President Scardelletti

Last April when Local 938 Chairman Alfredo Alvarez came from California to attend a leadership seminar at the Winpisinger Center in Maryland, he met International President Bob Scardelletti.   “Our members have a lot of questions that I can’t answer ,” Alvarez wrote to Scardelletti soon after.  “Who better to answer these questions than you?”  He invited Scardelletti to attend a union meeting: “Your presence will mean a lot to our members and show unity.”  Taking him up on this invitation, Scardelletti arranged to attend the July 31 membership meeting and tour the  Union Pacific’s Intermodal Container Transfer Facility in Long Beach, California, where these members work.  Joining him were International Vice President John Lydon and Assistant International Representative Earl Lancaster.  Click here to see photos taken that day.

Posted 9/26/08