TCU Members Working Hard to Keep LIRR Jobs







A shirt asking to keep the ticket offices open and TCU members answering questions and handing out flyers at LIRR Cedarhurst Station.

New York MTA is planning to close 20 ticket offices on Long Island Railroad. LIRR customer service will be drastically reduced. LIRR will be reducing the workforce at what they call “most infrequently used ticket offices.” Those ticket agents provide needed information and customer service that is and still will be an integral part of those stations. Even though MTA restored many planned service cuts, due to a $2.3 billion state rescue package, the ticket offices are still set to close.

Long Island officials acknowledge that the ticket agents are an important part of the customer ambiance, but did not include those positions into the relief.

The ticket agents have begun demonstrations against the closings in order to make more of the ridership aware of the benefits these hard working agents provide. “I know this is a cost saving measure but customer service has fallen to the sidelines…My members don’t only service customers they take care of communities,” said Art Maratea, TCU International Representative.

20 of the 50 ticket offices in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens are set to close on August 18, the agents at those offices are expecting to be reassigned. More demonstrations are planned but what is also needed is communication to the New York MTA and NY State Senators. Let them know they need to keep those jobs.

Click here to contact NY MTA Railroad Public affairs and tell them to keep the customer service agents positions.

Click here to directly e-mail NY State Senator Frank Padavan or Click here  to use the NY Senate contact.

Click here to directly e-mail NY Senator Dean Skelos or Click here to use the NY Senate contact
Tell them to keep the ticket agent jobs on the LIRR.