TCU/IAM Local Chairmen Attend Leadership Training at the IAM Winpisinger Center

TCU/IAM continues to maintain a high level of education for its representatives. A new generation of Local Chairmen attended two TCU/IAM Leadership Seminars held on either April 3-8 or May 1-6, at the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in southern Maryland.

One week of intensive leadership training for new Local Chairmen provided the opportunity to learn about the Railway Labor Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, duty of fair representation, proof and evidence in arbitration, preparation for concentrated work in grievance writing.  They also studied legislative issues, organizing campaigns, and human rights initiatives. Both classes were considered a great success.

National President Scardelletti gave a full state of the union at each class, bringing everyone up to date on the affairs of our union. Both President Scardelletti and National Vice-President Joel Parker gave updates on recent contracts and the status of the current National negotiations. National Vice-President and National Legislative Director Ron Kloos gave updates on the legislation currently on-the-hill that effects TCU members.

There were over 50 participants at these two seminars and we had 100% MNPL participation at both.  In addition, each seminar participant also purchased a $25 book of MNPL raffle tickets and donated to the $5.00 for the Fight cause.

“I am proud of all these new Local Chairmen, they took the time to come here and learn how to represent their members so they can do the job that they were elected to do,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti. “I know they will all go back to their Lodge a stronger more effective union leader.”

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to view some photos of the May Leadership class.