TCU Members Join the Rally in Wisconsin

TCU members protested In Wisconsin to show our solidarity with the workers fighting for their collective bargaining rights. Even with all the protesting going on, in the dead of night, Wisconsin Senate Republicans rammed through a bill that strips Wisconsinites of the collective bargaining rights their parents and grandparents bargained for, marched for, went on strike for and sometimes even died for.

This assault on workers’ freedom will not stand.

As the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO said:

Scott Walker and the Republicans’ ideological war on the middle class and working families is now indisputable, and their willingness to shred 50 years of labor peace, bipartisanship and Wisconsin’s democratic process to pass a bill that 74 percent of Wisconsinites oppose is beyond reprehensible.

What we saw in the dead of night in Wisconsin wasn’t democracy. It was back-door deal-making, partisan politics taken to the limit. That isn’t worthy of America. And working Americans simply won’t stand for it. Not in Wisconsin, and not anywhere.

“All TCU members should know that your vote counts! Now is the time to take action. Make sure you are ready to vote and when the time comes make sure every union member you know votes as well,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti “What happened in Wisconsin cannot and must not happen. TCU will stand and fight against anyone that tries to take away our rights.”

All TCU members, it’s time to turn outrage into action.

Click here and tell your state or local lawmakers that what happened in Wisconsin is unacceptable.

Click here to view TCU members in Madison Wisconsin.

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