Employee Benefits

TCU members working on railroads have a variety of benefits, won through negotiation or legislation. The employer bears the major portion of the cost of these and other fringe benefits. Among these are:

The Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan — Provides health insurance for the member and eligible family members. Also provides life insurance for the member. Administered by: United HealthCareAetnaUnited Behavioral HealthMedco Health Solutions, Inc., Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Metlife

The Railroad Employees National Dental Plan — Provides dental coverage for the member and eligible family members. Administered by: Aetna

The Railroad Employees National Vision Plan — Provides glasses and vision exams for the member and eligible family members.  Administered by: VSP

The Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit Plan — Provides health insurance coverage to those who are age 60 with 30 years of service if they apply for a railroad retirement annuity while covered under the National Plan for active employees.  Administered by: United HealthCare

The Supplemental Sickness Benefit PlanCarmen Members Only — Provides supplemental sickness benefits to Carmen members for days when they are also eligible for RUIA sickness benefits.  Administered by: Aetna (formerly Broadspire) at www.wkabsystem.com with access using company identifier “RR.”

Railroad Retirement — Provides retirement for members who are eligible because of their age and service or due to disability. Also provides benefit to eligible spouses and survivors.  Administered by: The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

Railroad Unemployment and Sickness — Provides sickness and/or unemployment benefits to eligible members who are sick or unemployed.  Administered by: The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board