Union Plus Programs for TCU Members

TCU fully supports the programs available for active and retired TCU members and their families. With the money savings programs available, in some situations, the benefits can offset paid union dues.

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President Maratea Hits-The-Road, Meeting with Amtrak Members

President Maratea said, “I am pleased to meet the members working on the job, I am so proud of the work they do every day. It is critical for me to see for myself what our members do and what they deal with on the property.”

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2023 Fringe Benefits for TCU Members

Check out your excellent Fringe Benefits made possible by your Union Contract such as Health & Welfare, Life Insurance, Sick Days, Vacation, Personal Leave, Holidays and more!

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Lodge 6760: September 2007 Regional Dinner Meeting in Cincinnati

September 24, 2007—As the largest lodge in Unit 200, Lodge 6760, representing almost 300 members in 13 cities in four states, rotates monthly meetings between those cities, reports Local Chairman Steve Wilhelm.  This evening it was Cincinnati, Ohio’s turn to host the Regional Dinner Meeting.  Among  highlights, retiring Vice Local Chairman Mike Thacker was honored for

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L. C. Bauman Now Chairman of Division Executive Board and a TCU Trustee

September 7, 2007 —Unit 320 International Representative Leonard Bauman of North Little Rock, Arkansas, has been elected Chairman of the Carmen Division Executive Board.  In that capacity he also now serves as a Grand Lodge Trustee. The appointment was made to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of J. V. Waller at the end of August. Bauman started

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Amtrak Members in Hialeah, FL Review Current Concerns

March 22, 2007 — Members of Lodge 5058 at Amtrak’s Hialeah, Florida yards met this day with Supervisors International Representative Joe Derillo. Discussion at the meeting focused on their concerns about ongoing negotiations of their contract.  Also up for review were corporate computer practices.  Derillo reports that members “did not hold back” in expressing their thoughts

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Considering Retirement?

The Union Plus program has an online retirement center  to help plan for the future. One caution: the site works with an assumption of Social Security benefits and does not consider Railroad Retirement benefits.  To adjust for this, get estimates of your retirement benefits from the RRB’s website here.