RRB Begins Paying CARES Act Recovery Payments for Unemployed Rail Workers

The RRB announces that the $1,200 per 2-week registration benefit period as provided under the CARES Act began issuing payments to members who filed unemployment claims on April 1 or later. The RRB does advise that these benefits will be subject to income taxation and garnishment for tax and other legally established debt.

The next phase of the CARES Act is the payment for the removal of the 1-week waiting period. The RRB systems are diligently being programmed to allow for the retroactive benefits as soon as possible. Once the systems are updated with the needed changes, members will begin to see these payment as well.

Further information can be found on the www.rrb.gov website. Should you have any questions, please contact the TCU Social Services Department at 301-840-8746.

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