Action Needed – Stop the Government Shutdown

A message from IAM International President Bob Martinez:

Sisters and Brothers,

The House of Representatives passed a bill to reopen the government and get back to the table and negotiate on border security. Now it’s the Senate’s turn and we are asking you to call your Senator and tell them to support H.R. 268 (Amendment #6).

Senate – (866) 803-8830

The impact of this needless government shutdown on federal workers and government contractors has been crippling. These families are facing layoffs and missing payments for their mortgages, student loans, school tuition, car loans, health care premiums, daycare and so many other expenses.

Our members, their families and their communities are sick and tired of political rhetoric and demand an immediate solution to the bickering in Washington. Open the government immediately. Our members are ready to get back to our work of serving the American people.

Please act now.