Assistant National Representative Katrina Coleman Appointed to the TCU Education Committee

“I am proud to appoint Katrina to this role,” said TCU President Maratea. “I know she brings a depth of experience and strong leadership to the table. Our representatives and our members will benefit greatly from the work she’ll do on the committee.” She joins Special Assistant to the President Matt Hollis, Brotherhood Railway Carmen Vice President Carl Lakin and Executive Director Industry Relations Allison Parker on the committee.

Sister Coleman is a 35 year member of TCU. She is also the current Local Chairperson of Lodge 1351, representing nearly 400 members working for Amtrak and SEPTA in the Philadelphia area. Her perspective and skills from her time on the property and from the dual roles of being both a Local and National Officer make her a natural choice for this appointment.

Education of TCU representatives continues to be a priority for President Maratea since he took office.

At the recent Advanced Leadership Seminar Coleman proposed an education initiative to create a program designed specifically for Local Chairwoman and the unique challenges they face in the male dominated railroad industry. National President Maratea readily championed her proposal.

TCU is in unique in Rail Labor, with over 20% of its membership female, with 143 women holding local lodge office across its 132 lodges.