Biden Administration Announces Two-Person Crew Rule

From right to left: Kenneth Hale, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, BRC LL 6185; Connor Vargo, Nat. Legislative Rep.; Amit Bose, FRA Administrator; Don Grissom, BRC General President; Pete Buttigieg, USDOT Secretary; Dave Arouca, TCU Nat. Legislative Director; D. Eric Grissom, Local Chairman, BRC LL 6185; Luis A. Rodriguez, Lodge President, BRC LL 6185.

Yesterday, TCU and BRC joined the rest of rail labor in celebrating the finalizing of the two-person crew rule. The new rule will require most trains to have a minimum of two crew members, significantly improving operating crew safety as well as the safety of communities our trains pass through.

“Common sense tells us that large freight trains, some of which can be over three miles long, should have at least two crew members on board – and now there’s a federal regulation in place to ensure trains are safely staffed,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “We’re going to keep pressing Congress to pass the Railway Safety Act – a bill that was introduced by bipartisan leaders in the wake of East Palestine, but has since been derailed by the railroad lobby and their allies in Congress.”

“TCU members stand in solidarity with our operating crew colleagues in celebrating the two-person crew rule,” said TCU National President Artie Maratea. “President Biden promised this rule on the campaign trail, and today he delivered on that promise. Now it’s time for Congress to step up and pass the Railway Safety Act, and improve the rest of the industry as well.”

BRC Division General President Don Grissom and TCU Nat. Legislative Director Dave Arouca were on hand to share in the celebration, and further call for the passage of the Railway Safety Act, which currently awaits passage in the Senate. Among other things, the bill would prohibit inspection time constraints on BRC Carmen and ensure that the properly-trained qualified mechanical inspector (QMI) Carmen are the craft tasked with performing those inspections. The bill would also make a two-person crew mandate federal law (rather than a regulation).


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