Statement Issued by TCU National President Artie Maratea on the Senate Confirmation of Amit Bose to Head the Federal Railroad Administration

“TCU was one of the first unions to support Amit Bose to head the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and for good reason: he believes that rail safety begins and ends with its frontline workforce.
We congratulate Mr. Bose on his Senate confirmation as FRA Administrator and look forward to working with him to ensure that our members in the yards and shops are treated fairly, and that their wellbeing is placed before profits.
The past few years have been tough for railroaders. Even before the pandemic, massive job cuts and consolidations were causing unsafe conditions for our members in the yards and on the road. And when the pandemic hit, those same trends went into overdrive.
We have a lot to do to fix these issues, but I’m confident that Mr. Bose has the understanding and institutional wherewithal to reform and rededicate the FRA to its core mission of safety for railroad workers and the general public.”

Click here to read the bio of Amit Bose on the DOT website.