TCU Members Rally in Chicago – Metra Union Workers Threaten Strike as Contract Talks Enter Third Year With No Progress

TCU Members were joined by Metra Rail Union members demonstrating at Metra Board of Directors meeting on November 12.

Officers and members of TCU/IAM, BRC and ARASA were joined by Congress Members Chuy Garcia, Marie Newman, State Senator Ram Vilvalam and Chicago Federation of Labor President Robert Reiter at the rally to demand that Metra negotiate a fair contract with its employees.

“Frontline railroad workers at Metra have not had a raise in 3 years,” said TCU Vice-President Brian Shanahan. “TCU members are struggling, working throughout this pandemic, Metra management needs to come to the table and provide a fair contract these hard working members deserve.”

Metra is the Chicago area transit system and its workers have been deemed essential and required to risk their life to ensure that the transit system functions during the pandemic. Despite being essential workers, they have not had a raise since 2018 due to Metra’s reckless bargaining in the current round of contract negotiations. Rail Labor calls on CEO Derwinski and the Metra Board of Directors to bargain in good faith with union workers and reach a fair settlement.


The nine railroad unions representing at Metra have been negotiating with management since January 2019. During this time, Metra has received massive financial support from the Federal Government. Sadly though, despite being flush with cash, Metra has failed to make any offers that would be acceptable to our members.

“While we would prefer that Metra management bargained in good faith, we can’t go on like this forever,” said Matt Hollis, TCU Vice-President “The riding public should know that if management does not reach a settlement with us soon, we will strike at our earliest opportunity.”

 Click here to view the pictures of the rally on the TCU Instagram feed.