TCU Unit 167 Organizes Again

Transportation Communications Union’s Unit 167 has always looked to organize to make our Union stronger.

Over the last eight years, Unit 167 has organized Metro North Railroad’s IT Department, Metro North’s Procurement Department, both previously staffed solely with Managers. It went on to establish the MTA Procurement Department, which purchases for all of the MTA Agencies.

TCU Unit 167 is pleased to announce another in a series of organizing campaigns to properties under its jurisdiction. On the Long Island Railroad, Unit 167 strikes again. The Stations Department Managers as well as the M of E Supervisors, both are groups formerly made up of all Managers, have been organized and recognized by the MTA. It was made possible by the efforts of TCU’s organizing team, Vice President Brian Shanahan and Director of Organizing, Sal Rodriguez, coordinating on “the ground” with Vice President Bill DeCarlo, National Representative Nick Peluso and his Local Chairmen, Murray and Pacini. Together the two groups formed a one two punch, behind the scenes and in your face, to make this another successful campaign. National Representative Nick Peluso states, “Unit 167 is always in conversations with Department Managers throughout the MTA who feel they are not being treated fairly and ask questions on how to organize.”

President Maratea added, “This type of organizing work is what will make our Union stronger. Great work everyone.”