TCU National President Artie Maratea’s statement on the Norfolk Southern Shareholder Vote

WASHINGTON, May 9, 2024 – TCU/IAM’s President Artie Maratea released the following statement:

“On behalf of our members at Norfolk Southern (NS), I want to thank the shareholders for largely seeing through Ancora’s false promises and for supporting Alan Shaw as CEO.

Since East Palestine, Mr. Shaw has been willing to come to the table on safety and improve the railroad. He’s been listening to his employees – and that’s been evident in the progress made on multiple fronts.

The leadership proposed by the Ancora slate would’ve signaled a return to the cut-at-all-costs mentality and would’ve pressured the rest of the industry to double down on what got us into this mess.

I’m proud that our union stood with Alan Shaw, even when some chose to abandon their principles in pursuit of short-sighted gains.

TCU will always stand up for what is best for our members and across our various crafts. There’s still much to be done at NS, and in the coming months, I believe we’re poised to work closely with the railroad to improve safety for our members and our communities.”