TCU, BRC and ARASA Members Ratify Tentative Agreements with Amtrak

The deadline to vote in the Amtrak Tentative Agreement ratification was 3pm EST, today. The Agreement has been ratified by the following TCU/IAM Crafts:
TCU Clerical – 70%
BRC Carmen & Coach Cleaners-  69%

TCU continues to use our new, independent electronic voting process which allows great voter participation.  In addition, TCU staffs a voting hot line dedicated exclusively to answering questions related to the Tentative Agreements and to assisting any member with the secure ballot process.   

“This was the best contract I’ve ever seen on Amtrak.  Our members will now see 30% in general wage increases, have the monthly cost of their health insurance premiums frozen for seven years with additional paid time off and paid child bonding. I am thrilled to see this agreement come to fruition.  I appreciate the hard work of all those involved in negotiations and all those who have been working long hours to provide support during the ratification process.  Our members can be assured TCU will continue the hard work that is necessary to deliver great contracts just like this one.  I congratulate all of our Amtrak members on this great agreement.” National President Maratea

Amtrak has been notified of the ratification of the agreement  and those terms will now be implemented for these crafts. This will result in all Clerical, BRC, ARASA-OBS & ARASA-MOE members receiving back pay and an immediate 4% pay increase with another 4% increase on July 1. In accordance with the agreement retroactive payments or “backpay” must be paid within  ninety (90) days.