Quick Thinking Members of Lodge 6060 Save Their Co-Worker’s Life in Birmingham, Alabama

From left are Frank Rodriguez, Michael Williams, Adam  Moore and Benny Morris.

Thanks to quick action by Lodge 6060 carmen, their union brother Joe Mixon is alive and well today.  The four heroes—Adam Moore, Benny Morris, Frank Rodriguez and Michael Williams—are Mixon’s co-workers at the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard in Birmingham, Alabama. 

It was 11:00 p.m., the start of the third shift, on Sunday, October 5, when Mixon indicated he was not feeling well.  Trying to stand, he instead collapsed, hitting his head on a bench as he fell to the floor.  

Mixon was not breathing; he was beginning to turn blue.  Around him his four rescuers went into action.  Rodriquez called 911.  Moore and Williams began performing CPR; after some minutes Mixon began breathing on his own again.  Meanwhile, because the NS rail yard is a huge facility, Morris rushed to the main gate to lead rescue workers to the scene.  Mixon was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

His father, Mike, himself a carman of Lodge 6060, later reported that his son was on the road to recovery.  He expressed great appreciation to the members whose actions in the emergency that night saved Joe Mixon’s life.

International President Bob Scardelletti expressed admiration when he learned of this event from Unit 200 Assistant International Representative Roger Cain.  “I applaud Brothers Moore, Morris, Rodriguez and Williams–they were prepared, they knew what to do in an emergency and, when they were needed, they worked together as a life-saving team. They give real meaning to the concepts of Union brotherhood, solidarity, and teamwork.”

Posted October 17, 2008