TCU Member Saves Neighbor’s Family from Fire

Don Marino member of TCU Carmen Local 6295 is a true hero.  He was preparing to leave for work around 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 16, when he noticed, “sparks in the air” near the house next door. Then Marino saw more flames coming from the back of the two-story house and began pounding on the front door.

When nobody came down he threw a chair through the front window and climbed in saving the family. The family was asleep and would not have made it out were it not for brother Marino’s quick thinking and actions.

“Brother Marino is a credit to the Carmen Division and TCU,” said Carman Division President and TCU National Vice-President Rich Johnson. “His bravery and quick actions saved the lives of an entire household. TCU salutes brother Marino and wishes the best for the family that is now displaced from their home.”

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