Lifetime Maximum Will Increase for the Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Medical Plan

The lifetime maximum under the negotiated medical plans for early retirees will increase by $4,700 from $131,500 to $136,200, effective January 1, 2013, due to automatic adjustments based on medical cost inflation. The change affects members enrolled in the Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Plan (UnitedHealthcare Policy GA-46000).

These early retirement plans provide a bridge of medical insurance coverage for those employees retiring before age 65 who do not yet qualify for Medicare, and the plans are available to qualified retirees and eligible dependents at no cost to the individual. Generally, retirees between ages 60 and 65 with at least 3 60 months (30 years) of railroad service may participate in the plans so long as they had coverage on the day before their retirement under the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan.