Metro-North Clerks and MofE Supervisors Overwhelmingly Ratify New Agreements

In very high turnouts, TCU Clerks and MofE Supervisors ratified new contracts with Metro-North by over 90% margins.

The contracts have identical terms to the breakthrough Long Island contracts, with 18.2% in compounded wage increases over 6-1/2 year terms, fully retroactive.

“We promised our Metro-North members that our struggle on Long Island was their struggle too — that as soon as we settled Long Island, we would immediately deliver those outstanding contracts to them,” said President Bob Scardelletti. “And we delivered.”

“This exceptional ratification vote is a testament to the determination and solidarity of our members, who stood solidly behind their leaders during the long struggle to get them the contract they deserve,” said National Vice President Arthur Maratea.

ARASA MofE General Chairman Bill Mills adds, “ARASA MofE members’ overwhelming vote for the contract reflects our understanding that this is an outstanding contract in its own right. When compared to everything else out there, it’s a grand slam.”

Six other unions have signed identical deals.