TCU Local 5101 Holds Comprehensive Training Course


Thirty-three officers and representatives of ARASA Lodge 5101 attended a comprehensive training course on April 12-14 in Arlington, Texas.  All participants work for Union Pacific Railroad. Lodge 5101 has over 2,300 members, spread over 23 states, with 686 separate work locations.

TCU/IAM Industry Relations Department staff conducted the 3-day course; Directors Allison Parker and Michele Reese and IR Research Assistant/Briefwriter Emily Pantoja provided instruction related to grievance handling, claim writing, appealing discipline and communication skills. National Representative Steve Hirschbein also served as an instructor and concluded the training with a role-playing segment to demonstrate effective communication with membership in real life scenarios.

“I am proud of the work these leaders put in during this training,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti. “Learning the skills that will enhance the representation of our membership shows the strength and leadership of Lodge 5101 and makes TCU a stronger union.”

Marco A. Acevedo,
Michael Arias
Shawn T. Barrett
Albert Briones
Jody Brown
Ricky (Bo) Brown II,
James E. Carver
Dennis Deyo, PR
Kebra Dinsmore
Terry Fuss
Mike Garcia
Kyle Gauthier
Edmundo Gonzalez
Alan Harris
Jerry Johnson,
Joseph C. Korunka, Jr.
Shane Lindsey, FST
Duane McEnturff
Nathan D. McKinney
Richard Norton
Jesse Paulson
Carlos D. Perez
Edward “Shane” Pitts
Jeff Powers
Cody S. Ray
Mark Sellers, GC
Phillip A. Stevenson
Bob Tainsh
Jamie Vallejo
J. Eric VanVeckhoven,
Terry Williams
Corbit Wilson
Steve Woithon