TCU Members Highlighted for Safety in CN Spotlight for 9000 Days and Counting Without an Injury

In a recent release by Canadian National, the CN Spotlight highlighted TCU members in the CN Car Shop in Geismar, Louisiana for 9,000 days without an injury and counting.

“We’ve worked hard to establish a real safety culture here and it definitely has paid off,” says General Mechanical Supervisor Dan Hendrix.

Dan attributes the team’s success to consistent mentoring and peer-to-peer communication about the “unforgiving dangers of not working safely on the railroad.”

“We have a team of 13 people, many of whom are relatively new. I think everybody has done a great job integrating the new employees and bringing them totally onboard with safety,” comments Dan.

“Congratulations to everyone at the Car Shop in Geismar,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti, “safety is key at every work location and TCU is proud to have members setting the example.”

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