UnitedHealthcare Corporation and the American Medical Association – Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action Suit and Final Settlement Hearing

Members whose benefits are administered by United Healthcare under the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan or AmPlan may have received a Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action and Final Settlement Hearing regarding a Class Action Lawsuit between the American Medical Association, et. al vs. United Healthcare Corporation.  If you received a notice, find below some background information on the settlement and what to do if you have questions.


Litigation was filed on behalf of the American Medical Association (AMA), health plan members, health care providers and state medical societies to resolve matters related to the reimbursement of out-of-network medical services.  Settlement of the class action involving UHC and AMA was reached in January 2009.

In summary, the resolution of the class action litigation provides for UHC to pay a total of $350 million to fund the settlement for health plan members and out-of-network providers related to out-of-network services from March 15, 1994 through November 18, 2009.  The settlement will be entirely funded by UHC and no recovery of funds will be sought from any self-funded customer plans.  Further, UHC and its affiliated entities will be released from claims relating to its out-of-network reimbursement policies from March 15, 1994 through the date of final court approval of the settlement.  Additionally, the court will appoint a third party administrator to manage the member/provider notification.

Appointment of Third Party Administrator

Berdon Claims Administration, LLC, is the third party administrator appointed by the court to manage the notification process as well as the distribution of the settlement funds as outlined in a settlement plan which has been preliminarily approved by the court.  Notification to members and providers on the settlement action began on April 23, 2010 and ended on May 28, 2010.  The notices provide contact information for Berdon Claims Administration, and answer many of the questions that members and/or providers may have.  

UHC is not involved in the administration of this process.  UnitedHealth Group will not be providing claims information as part of the settlement.  Berdon will provide the claims information that UnitedHealth Group is able to provide to Berdon.

For More Information

If you received a notification package:
You can obtain more information by visiting the Berdon Claims Administration website at www.berdonclaims.com.  Berdon Claims Administration may also be reached at their toll-free number 800-443-1073, by fax at 516- 222-0271, or by email at unitedhealthcare@berdonclaimsllc.com.  UHC’s Customer Care Professionals will direct all member/provider inquiries to Berdon Claims Administration. 

If you did not receive a notification package you can disregard this article.