Reps. Lipinski and Bacon lead bipartisan effort supporting Rail Workers and Retirees

Today, Illinois Democrat Dan Lipinski joined with Nebraska Republican Don Bacon to lead a letter supporting additional funding to the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). The letter had broad bipartisan support from their colleagues in Congress, including 12 Republicans and 23 Democrats.

Click HERE to view read the Lipinski-Bacon letter

Once secured, this funding will be used to upgrade the badly outdated, 40-year-old IT infrastructure that the Board currently relies on to process claims, disburse benefits, and provide services to rail retirees and beneficiaries. 

TCU/IAM National President Bob Scardelletti thanked those that supported the funding increase:

“Railroad Retirement is a bread-and-butter issue for rail workers and retirees, but the Railroad Retirement Board has been hobbled for years as they cope with a 40-year-old legacy system. I’m grateful to Congressman Lipinski and Congressman Bacon for leading this effort, and to the many other Members of Congress that joined in this effort to support railroaders.

“Our active and retired members deserve nothing less than a fully-functional Board capable of delivering basic modern services. I hope rest of Congress listens to the calls of their colleagues and gets this done for rail workers.”