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OneRail Coalition Asks Congress For Infrastructure Spending

The OneRail coalition sent a letter to the heads of the House and Senate Budget Committees asking them to boost infrastructure spending. The letter acknowledges the difficult choices facing budget writers and appropriators, but reminds elected officials of the great return-on-investment that infrastructure spending provides to the general public.  OneRail Coalition Letter to Budget Committees

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TTD’s Ed Wytkind Pens Amtrak Op-Ed in Wall Street Journal

On Sunday, Ed Wytkind, the President of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, wrote a letter-to-the-editor of the Wall Street Journal in response to their previous editorial that largely bashed Amtrak. The article is behind a paywall so we’ve pasted the text of the letter below. Give Amtrak the Resources It Needs to Be Great We need

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Highway-Transit Bill Still Under Construction

With recent tragic events taking center-stage on Capitol Hill, President Obama reluctantly signed another two-week extension of the current Highway-Transit bill. The bill had been scheduled to expire this evening. The extension should provide lawmakers the needed time to hammer out the final details on a much longer bill that would potentially provide authorized funding

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