Amtrak Agreement Ratified

By an overwhelming vote TCU Members have ratified the Amtrak Agreement.

Clerks Voting 98.67% in favor
Carmen Voting 95.85% in favor
*ASWC On-Board Service Workers Voting 90.53% in favor
ARASA MofW Voting 94.66% in favor
ARASA MofE Voting 97.85% in favor
ARASA OBS Voting 98% in favor

“A solid vote of confidence by the membership in this overwhelming vote to approve the Amtrak Agreement. Amtrak will now begin implementing the wage increases and processing the back pay.” Said National President Robert Scardelletti. “It’s finally over. A new Amtrak Agreement is now in place. I thank everyone for their patience and support during this very long and difficult process.”

* Ratification results are still pending for the ASWC craft by TWU and UNITE-HERE.