BNSF Compares Railroad Health Care to Other Industries

BNSF Compares healthcare as part of their ongoing analysis for National Bargaining:

The nation’s freight railroads are currently in national bargaining with 13 labor unions representing 145,000 employees, and the rail industry is currently in federal mediation with all three labor coalitions. This article is part of a series related to aspects of the current bargaining round, including wages, health care benefits and work rules, as well as the economic factors impacting the railroads during this round.

America’s freight railroads provide health care benefits for employees and their families that are more valuable than the average coverage other U.S. industries provide their employees.

At BNSF, this is true for all employees- salaried and union- covered under a BNSF-provided plan. But the benefits are especially valuable for union employees when compared with other industries.

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