Disney Members Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract with Historic Raises

TCU Local 1908 – Thank you to all the stewards and members that helped with the vote over the last two days.

TCU/IAM members working at Walt Disney World overwhelmingly voted to approve the recent Tentative Agreement which provided record wage increases while preserving all of the existing work rules. The new agreement provides a .50 cent per hour retroactive payment beginning September of 2017, an additional two (2) dollars per hour over the next six (6) months and a one-time $1,000 bonus. TCU/IAM members are part of the Services Trades Council Union which is made up of five other unions. In all, there are over 38,000 employees covered under this agreement. Union members turned out in record numbers to approve the contract with over 13,500 votes cast and a 99% vote in favor of the agreement.

“This is a great moment for all of our members who are receiving record wage increases while maintaining their good union benefits. The dedication, support and hard work from Union Members all across the property standing in solidarity bargaining for what we deserve are what made this possible. Congratulations to all of our members and their families for a well-deserved raise that finally recognizes the hard work they do every single day” said TCU/IAM National Vice President Matt Hollis who is also the new President of the Service Trades Council.

“There are countless individuals who worked tirelessly to make this possible. Bargaining committee members, organizers, lodge offices and National Field Representatives are all to be commended for a fantastic job”.

TCU/IAM represents approximately 5,000 employees in a variety of job classifications including Lifeguards, Monorail, Watercraft, Concierge, Fishing Guides, Housemen and Bell Services just to name a few. In addition to the great wage increases we were able to secure new work for our bell services members working in a tipped role. Now, these members will receive additional guarantees on certain package deliveries. These deliveries continue to increase which provides job security and additional income.

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