Good Union Jobs Coming to LA Metro

TCU LL 1315 President Josh Ott (left) and Local Chairman Mike Winston (right).

Yesterday, the LA Metro Board of Directors unanimously approved the recommendation to bring the current Ambassador Program in-house instead of utilizing third parties to perform this work. As a result, LA Metro will begin to hire the necessary manpower to do this work. This will create hundreds of good union jobs, many of which will be represented by TCU.  
Bringing this project in-house and ensuring these positions are done by LA Metro employees has been a long time coming. TCU Local 1315 Local Chairman Mike Winston and President Josh Ott were instrumental in making this a reality and continuing the negotiations to bring these employees under the TCU agreement. 
Local 1315 members on LA Metro already perform a variety of customer service-related roles and these jobs will be a great addition to the workforce.  
“I am extremely proud to see this finally come to fruition. Josh and Mike worked extremely hard on this project; this is a win-win. This will create many good union jobs. Our members on LA Metro are the best of the best, and I know that will continue with these positions as well,” said TCU National President Artie Maratea
“This is a great accomplishment. It is a great thing for LA Metro as it demonstrates their full commitment to improving rider experience and speaks to the relationship between LA Metro and TCU. Mike and Josh did a great job on this from the very beginning, and I thank them for their work,” said TCU National Vice President Matt Hollis.  
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