Machinists Celebrate 132nd Anniversary – Message from International President Martinez

Sisters and Brothers,

Today is the 132nd anniversary of the founding of our great union.

Our history is one of overcoming great challenges. We have not only survived depressions, wars, continuous attacks on our union, and yes, pandemics—we have thrived.

The Fighting Machinists have met every challenge we have faced because we are one union with one voice, standing shoulder to shoulder in times of adversity.

From the very beginning, in 1888 when the founders of our union risked their lives to join together in a Georgia railroad pit, we have understood that our unity is our strength.

While our union and the globe confronts this crisis before us, we are reminded that we stand on the shoulders of giants who understood the critical importance of unity.

We have never given up on our mission—justice on the job for every working man and woman—and we never will.

As we continue to navigate this crisis, our No. 1 priority remains keeping our members and their families safe. We are demanding that IAM-represented employers supply our members with personal protective equipment, proper sanitation of workplaces and strictly adhere to all Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family and friends of those we have lost and who have been infected by this virus.

We are also doing everything we can to provide relief to our members experiencing layoffs, including demanding relief for our members and all working people at the highest levels of government in the U.S. and Canada.

To all those who feel uncertain about our future, know that myself and your Executive Council are fighting for you day in and day out.  We will get through this together and we will prevail—like we have throughout our 132 year history. 

Stay safe, stay strong, stay united—together, in solidarity, we shall overcome.



Robert Martinez Jr.

International President

P.S. Stay up to date on our response to this crisis by frequently visiting the IAM’s COVID-19 Resource Center at