U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh Visits TCU Lodge 6295 Members on-the-job

US Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh and Indiana Congressman Frank Mrvan visited with Members of BRC/TCU LL6295

October 18, 2022 -US Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh with 1st District, Indiana Congressman Frank Mrvan visited with Members of BRC/TCU LL6295, during a tour of the Mid/End of Life Rail Car facility at the NICTD -South Shore Line Railroad in Michigan City, Indiana. The visit provided an opportunity for our members to show case their skill and efficiency with rebuilding passenger cars that will be used as an integral part of the recent Double-Track project that will increase train frequency and significantly reduce travel time.

BRC Lead Carman, Jeremy Lukmann said, “The Carmen at South Shore Line have been rebuilding the passenger rail cars in the End-of-Life Project for a couple years now, and it’s nice to be recognized and appreciated for all the hard work.” Being a smaller railroad, compared to others in the country, Members of LL 6295 feel the visit and interaction was greatly appreciated, and made them proud to be recognized as part of the future of the rail industry.

US-Secretary of Labor. Walsh: “The Union opportunity I had growing up in the building trades was a pathway to the middle class and not enough people get that opportunity pathway. Right here in this facility, where we’re standing right now, you know these workers are working towards a pension, these workers are getting a good wage, these workers have health care, it really is about creating those opportunities for workers in America.”

The visit also included a tour along a section of the ‘Double Track Project’ new passenger station with parking, also two high level platforms to accommodate customers with disability at the Michigan City 11th Street Station. The entire project, as part of the Biden-Harris administration, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, is expected to be completed by mid-2024.

TCU Assistant National Representative Keith Schlamadinger, U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, Indiana Congressman Frank Mrvan and TCU National Representative Ricky Reilly.

US-Rep. Frank Mrvan, D-lst: I was a township trustee, I worked the steel unions, I worked with union members who lost their jobs because of the country circumventing trade policies. It’s our job to make sure we’re getting the skill sets necessary to fulfill those jobs, but more importantly, restoring jobs here and understanding what provides for a family.