TCU’s M of W Supervisors on Amtrak have ratified a new five year contract covering wages and benefits. The ARASA members approved the contract by a two to one margin.

The contract follows the economic terms previously reached in agreements between Amtrak and TCU Clerks, the Joint Council of Carmen (TCU and TWU), the Amtrak Service Workers Council (TCU, TWU, HERE), and the ATDA.

The contract was negotiated by TCU ARASA International Representative Joe Derillo and General Chairman Sonny Sheltman.

The contract provides for 15% in compounded general wage increases over its five year term, and limits the amount of employee health insurance contributions. It also freezes medical and drug co-pays and deductibles at current levels.

“I thank the M of W membership for their support,” says International Representative Derillo. “It is such a positive development to reach an excellent contract so quickly after the eight year struggle we went through last round.”

“At a time when employers throughout this country are aggressively trying to roll back workers’ health benefits and drastically increase employee health insurance contributions,” says TCU President Bob Scardelletti, “this outstanding contract sends a message that current benefits must be preserved and that employees are already paying enough.”