Brotherhood of Railway Carmen Reaches Agreement for Paid Sick Leave with Union Pacific

This weekend the Brotherhood Railway Carmen Division/TCU (BRC) reached a voluntary agreement providing paid sick leave for all BRC members working at Union Pacific Railroad.  This agreement provides up to four (4) days of paid sick leave to be paid at 100% of the employees rate of pay.  In addition it also provides members with the opportunity to designate the use of their personal leave days for sick leave. 

“We are extremely proud of the progress that BRC continues to make on behalf of our members.  This agreement recognizes the need for railroad workers to have paid sick leave and secures this very important benefit for our members working at Union Pacific.   Union Pacific did the right thing by coming to the bargaining table and reaching a fair agreement.  We look forward to continuing to work with the other Carriers to reach similar agreements for all our members,”   said  BRC General President Don Grissom.

“This agreement demonstrates our unions commitment to continue the work necessary to secure paid sick leave for all our members.  I appreciate the patience of our members and the hard work of BRC General President Don Grissom and National Representative Greg Burnette to reach this agreement.  I also appreciate Union Pacific doing the right thing for our members.  The other Carrier’s should take note and come to the bargaining table in a similar manner.  Our members can be assured that we will continue the fight to that end.”  TCU National President Artie Maratea