Ratification Underway for Amtrak ASWC On-Board Members

The ratification process for members working under the ASWC Agreement on Amtrak has begun and will continue through November 10th.  

“This TA provides significant wage increases, protects our great healthcare with no increased monthly cost, provides additional paid time off, and secures much-needed work rule improvements.  This is a great agreement, and I am proud to see our members’ hard work and dedication recognized,” said TCU National President Artie Maratea.

Members will receive voting instructions in the mail which will enable them to participate in the electronic ratification process.   You can also find a copy of the TA and related documents here.

TCU Officers are traveling to various crew bases conducting in-person meetings to answer any questions related to the TA.   In addition, any member may submit written questions to TCUVOTE@tcunion.org.

ASWC is a joint coalition of three (3) unions:  TWU, Unite Here and TCU/IAM.   All 3 unions have endorsed the TA and are recommending its ratification. “This TA not only provides real wage increases but also reduces the years required for members to receive the full rate of pay.  This is a significant accomplishment, which means more money in our members’ pockets.  In addition, members will now be able to access more paid time off from work and continue to enjoy great healthcare benefits.  I appreciate the work of the entire negotiating team and am proud to bring this TA to our members for their vote,”  said TCU National Vice President Greg Kocialski who was the lead negotiator for TCU.