The deadline to vote on the National Agreement ratification was 3pm EST, today. The National Agreement has been ratified by the Clerical and the Carmen membership.

The new, independent electronic voting process allowed for more membership engagement than ever before seen for a National ratification. 58% of the Carmen covered by National Handling voted in this ratification, compared to just 28% who voted in the 2018 ratification. 49% of clerical employees covered by National handling voted in this ratification, compared to 34% in 2018. The majorities of each craft voted for the Tentative Agreement to be ratified.

“After three long years of difficult bargaining, PEB 250 provided recommendations that led to a tentative agreement for our members to consider. TCU & BRC members have now voted on the agreement and have elected to ratify this agreement. Among other improvements, this agreement ensures that every penny of the recommendations of PEB 250 goes directly to our members and protects our great healthcare benefits which our members need now more than ever. This has been a difficult time with a lot of misinformation and I appreciate the hard work of all our local and national representatives who worked tirelessly to ensure that every question was answered and that members had the accurate information needed to consider their vote for themselves and their families.” National President Maratea

The National Carriers Conference Committee and the National Mediation Board have been notified of the ratification of the agreement and those terms will now be implemented. This will result in all Clerical and Carmen members (including TWU Carmen) receiving thousands of dollars in back pay and an immediate 14% pay increase. In accordance with the agreement retroactive payments or “backpay” must be paid within sixty (60) days.