TCU Reaches Agreement with TTX

TCU has reached an agreement on TTX, increasing hourly wages. This agreement will benefit over 1,200 TCU members.

The new agreement will increase the base rate on October 1, 2022 by $3.25 and will provide an extra $6,760.00 additional income for the full rate employees per year based on straight-time hours only.

This agreement will also eliminate 3 of the current entry rate steps. Members will also be entitled to the negotiated GWI each year and a step increase every 12 months. The agreement also provides members an opportunity to advance to the next pay level based on proficiency and skillsets. This agreement will result in over $9 million in additional income per year for our members collectively and the Union achieved this without any concessions. This not only provides our current members with significant financial improvements, it will also allow the TTX Company to be more competitive in retaining employees in the industry.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Local Officers in TCU Lodge 6011 for their assistance in achieving this historic agreement,” said Carmen Division General President Elect Don Grissom. “After achieving this agreement, I attended the TCU Lodge 6011 union meeting, in which the members were overwhelmingly appreciative of the efforts by our union.”