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TCU & IAM District 19 safety survey on “Precision Scheduled Railroading”

Today, TCU and the IAM’s District 19 are announcing the rollout of a survey tool for union members to tell their stories with regards to the safety impacts of “Precision Scheduled Railroading” (PSR), the Class 1’s new operating model. The goal of this survey is to collect data and information on unsafe practices being deployed,

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Extend the PTC Deadline

In the aftermath of recent incidents on our nation’s railways – including the deadly derailment of the Amtrak Northeast Regional outside Philadelphia – lawmakers and the general public have been pushing for increased safety. Front-and-center in this debate has been the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) systems to our nation’s railroads. In 2008, Congress

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TCU Weighs In On Positive Train Control (PTC)

On Monday, July 27th, TCU National Vice President and Legislative Director Ron Kloos joined John Risch of the SMART Transportation Division in asking the U.S. Senate to support a revised deadline for rail carriers to implement Positive Train Control (PTC). The letter asks Senators not to allow a PTC extension to derail a potential long-term

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