TCU/IAM Reaches Tentative Agreement with NCCC

Today, TCU/IAM reached a Tentative Agreement with the National Carrier’s Conference Committee (NCCC). This Agreement will now go out for ratification by the members.

The Tentative Agreement secures all of the recommendations of PEB 250. Under the terms of this Agreement, employees will receive the highest General Wage Increases ever achieved through National Bargaining – 24% in compounded GWIs over 5 years. The TA protects all great benefits of our Healthcare Plans and includes Healthcare Design enhancements related to the coverage and treatment for Autism Disorder and hearing benefits. It also provides an additional day of paid leave to be designated as an additional Personal Leave Day, Vacation Day or Personal Holiday. The Tentative Agreement also contains a “Me-Too” provision which ensures that in the event any other union reaches an agreement that improves on the terms of this Agreement, TCU/IAM members will receive the same additional value.

“This Agreement ensures that every single penny of the recommendations contained in PEB 250 go directly into our member’s pockets. TCU/IAM members will receive thousands of dollars in back pay as well as thousands of dollars from increased wages through this agreement. There is no question – getting to a PEB and receiving these recommendations would never have been possible without all of Rail Labor coming together. The Unions stood together, determined to fight the Carriers proposals to slash healthcare benefits, attack our work rules and eliminate two-man crews. We were successful in that fight.

It’s been 3 years since our National Freight members’ last raise. If there was any chance of reaching a better agreement we would still be bargaining. Failing to reach Agreement would mean our members in National Handling would not get to vote on its terms – and we would have to rely on Congress to impose whatever terms it decided, which will take months to reach. I strongly believe our members should be the ones to vote and decide their future.” – TCU National President Maratea

Members in National Freight handling can expect to receive voting instructions via mail within the next few days.

Members can direct any Agreement or voting- related questions to TCUVOTE@TCUNION.ORG

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